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Kennel Boarding Rates

Wagland Kennel Prices

* All services are Cash or Checks only.  We do not take Debit or Credit cards at this time. Payment is required at time of services.  

1st or Only Dog:


14 NIGHT + DISCOUNT:  $17.00

MONTHLY RATE:  $450.00

2nd or Multiple Dogs (Rate/Dog):

NIGHTLY RATE:  $20.00 (First 2 nights)  ($15.00 3rd night on)

14 NIGHT + DISCOUNT:  $15.00

MONTHLY RATE:  $430.00


PICK UP & DELIVERY:  $15.00 (One Way)


BATHS:  $20.00

OTHER SERVICES (On a limited basis)


Bring your pet's favorite food (Recommended)

KENNEL FOOD (Premium BilJac): $2.00 (Per Night)


    Most  given at no charge.  Please provide them in the correct dosage.  There may be a small fee for administering shots or other special medical needs.

Home Pet Care Service:

At Home Pet Care(within a 5 mile radius)

Each visit $15.00 - Subject to availability.

Prices may vary depending on work required.


* Proof of up-to-date shot record required and must be provided prior to boarding.   
* Requirements: Rabies and annual shots as recommended by your vet (i.e., DHPP, DHLPP) Bordatella (highly recommended)

We provide blankets, pillows, towels, food, dishes and water buckets.  Don’t chance yours getting lost or ruined.